Starting the VM & logging in

  • Make sure the appropriate conda environment is activated in your terminal window:

    conda activate gemvm
  • Start the VM as follows:

    gemvm IRAF-2022.07

    (where IRAF-2022.07 is whatever name you assigned to the VM in Set up the VM).

    For additional options, refer to the help output from gemvm -h.

    The status shown in the terminal will change from “booting” to “running” once the VM is ready to log into (which should take less than a minute). See Troubleshooting if that doesn’t happen.


    The GemVM control screen, running in a terminal window.

    If there is not a large enough block of memory available (3GB by default), GemVM will ask you to try re-starting any large programs, such as your Web browser; see Failure to start.

  • Log in “remotely” to the VM with X11 forwarding, by typing the following command in at least one other terminal window:

    ssh -Y -p 2222 irafuser@localhost

    The port number (2222) might vary if you override it. The password should appear above the login prompt and is unchanged from the previous (VirtualBox) version of the VM.


    Use -Y, rather than -X, to help avoid time-outs that can cause graphics display to stop working.